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Cellular Signal Boosting (How It Works)

Cellular signal boosters are available for EDGE and 3G as well as LTE for data, and work by placing an antenna outdoors, where it can receive signals without interference or obstruction. External cellular boosters are generally mounted on the roof or high wall of a home or office. The antenna of the booster sends the signal to the amplifier, which then rebroadcasts the signal to an indoor antenna and onward to your phone. When a call is sent out from the phone, a signal is sent to the small interior antenna, which amplifies it and transmits it to the outside antenna. This is especially effective if you are living or working in the middle of a large building with no good access to a strong signal. A cellular signal booster can make a previously dead zone into a functioning zone.

Cellular boosters are also available for mobile use on vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses and even boats. The device is powered by the vehicle’s battery, and these mobile versions are often significantly more compact than their counterpart, and are used mainly in situations where the vehicle will be traveling regularly through areas with poor reception.