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Forensic Analytics

Video Analytics for Investigation

In addition, Video Analytics algorithms may be implemented to analyze recorded video, a task that is challenging and time consuming for a human operator, especially in cases where a large amount of video must be reviewed. This allows for the elimination of costly security teams and eliminates the possibility of human error!

Through rapid analysis of recorded video, Video Analytics can perform the following tasks:

  • Pinpoint an event in recorded video, and retrieve the relevant video segment from the stored video
  • Perform analysis of motion patterns and detection of motion irregularities in defined areas
  • Perform a variety of statistical analysis tasks relating to people or vehicles over defined periods of time

You, the operator can set rules when using analytics to review video footage, the Video Analytics system analyzes the video and provides the search results through an automated search, without requiring any additional intervention from the operator. Nuagesights’s Tru-search can analyze recorded video and present results in seconds. Results range from the location of specific targets (people, vehicles or objects) or events from within the stored video, to motion path analysis, traffic analysis and statistical analysis.

Real-Time Analytics