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Realtime Analytics

Video Analytics for Real-Time Alerts

Through the implementation of various image processing algorithms, Video Analytics can detect a variety of events, in real-time, such as:

  • Penetration of unauthorized people / vehicles into restricted areas
  • Tailgating of people / vehicles through secure checkpoints
  • Traffic obstacles
  • Unattended objects
  • Vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, highways or roads
  • Removal of assets
  • Crowding or grouping
  • Loitering

By defining the set of events that the surveillance system operator wants to be alerted to (that’s right, you get to set the rules), the Video Analytics software continuously analyzes the video in real-time and provides an immediate alert upon detection of a relevant event.

Nuagesight’s V-Trigger can detect a wide variety of events relating to people, vehicles or static objects – in real-time – and generate alerts according to the definitions and preferences of the surveillance system operator.

Forensic Analytics