There are often situations such as construction sites or major events/concerts that require video surveillance for only a short amount of time. Cabling and wiring can be very expensive and in some cases not feasible. Nuagesight offers Video Surveillance as a monthly service (VSaaS) for clients that need the convenience of short term surveillance, and/or the flexibility of moving their installation from site to site, freeing them from making a significant investment into a permanent system.

No extra hardware on site, no tangled wires!

MobileONE Surveillance Unit

The arrival of 4G/LTE technology has brought the dream of mobile video surveillance to life.

With Nuagesight’s MobileONE wireless solution, the only thing you’ll need for your feed to be up in minutes is access to a power source.

Our compact solution makes it a breeze to move the unit from one place to another, no installation or networking required, just drag and drop, plug and play. All of your video (from all of your cameras) will be stored on our secure cloud servers, and you can login at any time to check out your live stream, or pre-recorded footage.