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Video Surveillance

The majority of businesses now have high-speed, IP based networks connected to the Internet. Adding a network video system simply utilizes and extends the same infrastructure to include video functionality while leaving room for scalability. Standard IT equipment, like switches and PC servers, are used for video recording and storage. Because of this, existing investments in IT infrastructure can be leveraged to help keep costs at a minimum

Network Cameras

Nuagesight offers an array of network cameras, for use in a variety of applications. All of these cameras operate over an IP network, and are powered by the same single wire that provides the data link between the camera and the network. (PoE or Power over Ethernet)

Temporary Installations

There are often situations such as construction sites or major events/concerts that require video surveillance for only a short amount of time. Cabling and wiring can be very expensive and in some cases not feasible. Nuagesight offers Video Surveillance as a monthly service (VSaaS) for clients that need the convenience of short term surveillance, and/or the flexibility of moving their installation from site to site, freeing them from making a significant investment into a permanent system. read more

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