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Video/Alarm monitoring

Nuagesight’s ULC certified monitoring central operates 5 inter-connected stations across the country. Any incoming signal or phone call can be answered at any of these 5 stations at any time. The architecture of our nationwide network is unique, and unlike other monitoring companies. This continuous link permits operators working in “sister” stations to help out staff in your primary station during high-traffic times.  All of our operators are bilingual (English and French), while we also offer response services in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Nuagesight allows you to specify the manner in which you wish each alarm signal is to be treated. Contrary to most alarm centrals, our clients are not forced to fit their response requirements into a pre-determined package. Rather, responses can be “personalized” by account and even by individual zones. In the event that a predefined alarm is triggered, the incident is assessed, and if required, a call is made to the local police dispatch.